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Use cultural differences and synergies for your success

Have you also experienced that ...

  • running projects (e.g. IT-Offshore projects, joint ventures or mergers) were finalised only after costly extension or were even stopped?
  • after initial commitment and enthusiasm the workatmosphere between German and Indian co-workers changed for the worse and the motivation sank drastically
  • frequent misunderstanding occurs between German and Indian co-workers even though English is spoken on both sides.

The impact of cultural differences aspects are frequently underestimated or ignored in the cooperation of German-Indian companies. change4C supports its customers using the potential benefits and profitability of the cooperation between different cultures and achieving in addition profitable synergies.

Our consultancy services

Your benefit:

  • Professional implementation of (change-)projects saves time and money
    What may appears to be higher costs (consulting, travel expenses) in the beginning will save money in the end.

  • Projects are completed successfully and according to schedule
    Initial investment pays off! Being clear about the goal of the project as well as clarifying roles and responsabilities leads to successful project execution with high-quality results. To ensure these results continous adaptation may be needed.
  • High performance teams and long-term partnerships are built
    A crucial factor for the excellent performance of intercultural teams is to give sufficient time for the initial formation. You will have  motivated high-performance teams. Investment in terms of time and money pays off in long lasting partnerships.

  • Project managers and executives get advanced training
    Project managers and executives will be strengthened in their position and role through coaching and advanced training measures regarding intercultural competences.

  • Open communication is developed
    Open communication will be developed between Indian and German associates using appropriate communication structures and processes. Difficulties in communication and misunderstandings are recognized early and can be solved